Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting real

Well, for those of you who know me, know that I value real hearts, and real relationships. So starting life here has been hard. Because I want to be personal with everyone. But with a language barrier, it makes it hard to do so. Also the cultural barrier as well. Not only as an American, but a Hispanic American. So what I have been feeling lately is a bit of loneliness. Weird you might think. I have a great host family who encourages me. I work in an environment where there are tons of loving people. Yet, I feel by myself at times. It's the starting a new life, in a new place I guess. No one really knowing who I am. No friendships with any kind of history. God has been hitting me hard in this area, in my times alone with him. At times I feel really sad. I anticipate the day when I can have a family of my own and not be alone anymore. But there will be times when I will feel alone in those times too. But, there is the side of me, let's call it the Holy Spirit, who knows to well, that God can work through me very well in my loneliness and singleness.

I know that all this will take time, and it's perfectly normal to feel lost in the beginning. After all, God works best with those who don't feel like they know it all. I think he calls it being humbled.

There are some financial needs coming that I need to address. I have found a motorbike to purchase for transportation. I am getting ready to enroll in a language school, to learn Thai formally. I have started to learn with a tutor two days a week. Also starting to come up with ministries with the men and women in the area. So pray on it. But if you know that you heart is connecting with the ministry here and want to support it, just email me. God Bless

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dancing Machine

The past two days where my first with, the Well. I enjoyed just being around the women and children. I walked around and had small talk with most of the students there. There are few men there. But I hope and pray, that GOD is moving in these men, and that I can be a light to them. Wednesdays and Thursdays, are days that they learn English, and have small group Bible studies. I have been asked to help out in the English classes. I don't remember liking English in school, but it's a different thing when you know the some of the women's stories, and look into the eyes of the children. Jesus does wonders for the heart. So here I am, Mr. Frank, English teacher.

Jim and I have been talking about some ministry ideas for the local Thai people. One of the ideas, was to teach Hip Hop. Now, I love to dance, but don't consider my self good enough to be an instructor. "Become all things to man", the apostle Paul's famous words. But more importantly to me, is the presence of the Holy Spirit filling me up with courage, and equipping me. God is so good. Today was the first day of classes. They loved it! I just started with some basic moves. They started out very shy, but soon enough, we were all dancing a little routine I made up. Jim thought it would be a good idea to include a little Thai traditional dance moves to the mix. So I mixed it in with some old school Tut moves. Jim asked them how often do the want to practice; "Tuk wan", transliteration for "everyday!" Good thing the Thai people love the urban culture. God knew what he was doing when he placed me in the hood. Pray that God can really use this to give them joy, and confidence.

Pray for these opportunities to reach out to these broken hearts, and fill them with everlasting life. I hope you think twice when you hear the loud bass coming from a speaker, and rap yelling at your ear. God made all things, including HIP HOP.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some thoughts

It's official, I am staying in Bangkok indefinitely. I must say that this decision is a hard one, but I have been elected and chosen.

So I have been sending emails about what was going through my mind, and the things I saw and was experiencing in my time here. I felt the strongest impression about a month into staying here that this could be home. It's easy to plug oneself in any situation out of a need basis. "There is hunger in this country I need to feed them!""There is a shortage of hospitals in this town, I need to help them!""There are children in brothels becoming sex slaves, I need to rescue them!" All these examples are cause for action, but what action? Long term or short term aid has been something of an enigma for me. Both has it's upsides. But how about the monkey and the fish situation? You know the story of the monkey thinking that he had helped the fish, because he thought he had rescued it out of the struggling waters. Then when he put it on the ground, the monkey thought it was happy to be rescued, because it seemed to flop around with joy. When in actuality it killed the fish in its "good intentions." I am not here for good intentions. I want to come along side what the Lord is already doing here. My heart is to share his heart and plan for the lost here. To further disciple the believers here. To look in the eyes of the broken hearted and tell them what Jesus sees in them.

Your fellow brother in Christ,
Francisco Santiago III